PAMco provides a complete package of management services tailored to meet the individual needs of your association. PAMco meets your needs by establishing strong interpersonal relationships with the Board of Directors, Committee Members and Property Owners based on communication, transparency and timely response. PAMco also creates and maintains sustainable relationships with vendors and contractors to provide the best possible service to your Association.



  • Prepare meeting agendas, notices, minutes and resolutions
  • Conduct meetings according to rules of order
  • Administer quorum, proxy and voting requirements
  • Maintain updated list of owners and their contact information
  • Respond to title company and realtor inquiries
  • Assist in compliance management (in accordance with Association governing documents and local statutes)
  • Act as registered agent for the Association
  • Coordinate insurance coverage and handle insurance claims
  • Expedite owner applications (Architectural Review, Variance Requests, etc.)
  • Manage Access Controls as desired


  • Prepare annual budget
  • Invoice and collect HOA dues and special assessments
  • Review and pay HOA bills
  • Monitor receivables and cash flow
  • Maintain accurate records of income and disbursements 
  • Prepare monthly financial reports
  • Reconcile bank statements
    NEW FOR 2017


  • Assemble and maintain a complete set of the Association governing documents
  • Digitize all governing documents and other HOA records for easy public access
  • Provide long-term storage of governing documents and HOA records


  • Supervise maintenance, repairs, and/or replacement of common area facilities or equipment.
  • Provide project leadership of authorized improvements and repairs to ensure timely completion and minimize budgeted overruns. 
  • Solicit and present bids for major maintenance items and capital improvements for the Association to the Board of Directors.
  • Filing of contracts and agreements into the official records of the association as part of project leadership.

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