As the Treasurer of our POA, I interact frequently with the PAMco accounting staff. They are always very responsive and take great care with the work they do for our POA - from paying bills, producing financial statements, keeping up with frequent property ownership changes and processing assessment billings. Thanks for all the work you do for us!

Pam Hutchins
June, 2022

My experience with Pamco was great because of Pat Hallander! She was very patient with me as I was trying to login to my residential portal to submit a request for approval to add a deck to my new in Arrowpoint Subdivision. She walked me through the steps helping me to navigate. I have anxiety and get upset easily, but Pat made me feel calm. She is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. She is a true asset to your Company.
I was having problems submitting my paperwork and spoke to Kelly. I asked if I could come to the office to submit my request. Kelly also took the time to help me. This was a great experience for me! Thank you so much!!

Julie Jackson
May, 2022

“I have been on the Board of the Arboretum Village Directors for 10 years.  What follows is  my assessment of PAMCO.

Their performance has been stellar.  They have not increased their management fees in 12 years.  Their response time from questions submitted to them is outstanding to say the least. The landscapers they hire do a job second to none.  Our landscaping always looks attractive .

There has been only one increase in HOA fees in 12 years and that was a small amount.  We have never had a special assessment to cover unexpected expenses. The contractors they hire for such things as tree trimming etc. do an excellent job. Overall, I would hate to think what we would do if we lost PAMCO”

Jerry Johns
January 29, 2020

“I've worked with PAMco for almost 7 years (4 years as an HOA board member for four years and HOA president for 3 years). When PAMco invtied me to give them a review I was pleased to agree to do it.

Our HOA's experience with PAMco has been positive. PAMco has been responsive to our board and communicated well. While our point-of-contact has changed over time (some turnover is to be expected), the level of service has been consistent, the various styles of the managers notwithstanding. The specific service from PAMco which I have found exceptional is how well they run our vendors -- PAMco has managed our lawn services, electrician, sprinkler system repair, fence repair, etc. very well. PAMco is so trustworthy with vendors our board has given our property managers up to $500 authority to act without notification to the board because we know we can trust them.

My one caveat to my review is that I live in a very small HOA (<50 houses) -- a larger HOA may have larger needs. Nevertheless, I have never felt our small HOA is a line item to the company. The service has been excellent. ”

Ramsey Abarca
February 23, 2020

"A little over a year ago, our HOA was suffering from predatory fee charges by the previous management company we had on contract. Our HOA account had been bled dry compelling our board of directors to shop for a different management company to get out from under our debt. No other management company was willing to sign with us because of our drastic financial condition.

Then I gave a call to PAMco and spoke with Doug Plas, the owner of the company. After a few discussions to thoroughly understand our situation, Doug took a chance and offered to sign with us despite the possibility of not being able to get paid until we recovered.

After reviewing the proposed contract, our board was very interested in PAMco because of the straightforward terms and conditions and a very reasonable fee schedule. Our HOA is now flourishing financially and we are now in a position to have our community vote on optional projects that will benefit our HOA. Doug has a strong sense of human integrity and correspondingly hires the most courteous, professional employees. It has been a true pleasure working with the fine folks at PAMco. Everyone is a real gem. If your board of directors is shopping for a management company to run your HOA I strongly recommend PAMco. They are solid and professional. I tip my hat to everyone there, especially Doug for believing in our HOA. Thank you, Doug! You're a lifesaver."

Thomas O.
June 5, 2019

“As a board member of Terrace of Woodlake HOA I have had several opportunities to work with Kelly Nohl from your organization and I would like you to know how professional, polite and genuine she has been every time I have encountered her.

I have found her to be prompt at presenting the change requests residents have submitted and as a liaison between our board and residence she has done an outstanding job.

You have an asset in Kelly that should be recognized for her leadership and attention to detail. Her upbeat positive attitude is infectious and I wish I had the opportunity to work with many more people with her same approach and dedication to communication.”

Tom Karr
August 22, 2020

“I’m giving PAMco a 5 star review because of their ability to take the “hard stuff” off of your plate and be the middleman for our HOA. Thanks to the direction of our property manager, Brian, we are able to get a lot of our problems taken care of with one quick email or phone call. It definitely makes it less stressful for us and when it all comes down to it, it really works out in our favor to have caring people like Brian Simmons in our corner making our community a better place every single day. Thanks for taking most of the stress away.”

February 17, 2020

"When deciding on who to hire as your HOA manager, you will be pleased hiring PAMco with Doug Plas leading his team. Having said this, no management company can ever replace the owners’ responsibility for oversight of its management company and finances. But I hope your expectations for a management company are simply to have a “partner” that efficiently manages the HOA’s day-to-day operations, who will follow (within legal limits) the Board’s policies, be responsive to community/owners requests/problems with common area problems and do all this honestly and without any BS. Every day, PAMco exceeds my expectations under that criteria!  

Greenway Lofts opened Nov 2010. I have been a resident here since then. As president of Greenway Lofts (GWL) about three years ago we hired PAMco / Doug Plas. What impressed us the most at the time and continues today:  

1. What I call Doug’s “Zero BS tolerance policy.” This means that we do not ever get “excuses” or “broken-promises” from Doug or any of his staff, instead we get RESULTS! And if they make a “human-error” they will be the first ones to recognize it and correct the situation ASAP.  

2. Dealing with PAMco you know that for any problems you may have you can always contact Doug and since he is PAMco’s OWNER there is no one above him and he knows it is to his best interest to fix whatever problem you may have. He is very conscious, as all good businesspersons should be, that GOOD SERVICE should never be compromised and that his business success fully depends on “word-of-mouth” from happy customers, not fancy brochures or salespersons.  

3. PAMco’s staff does care about providing good service! And of course, that commitment comes straight from the TOP leader of the organization: Doug Plas.  

4. Honest service, all the time (see above #1, Doug’s policy).  

5. Very reasonable fees. PAMco does NOT “nickel-and-dime” you. Other companies may “hook-you” with a “cheap” fee, then charge you a $1 for a paperclip or hide their fees under “other”. Watch out for “other expenses” charged by any management company, “other expenses” are the HOA’s “money-pit”.  

6. PAMco has lots and lots of experience with small and mid-size Owner-controlled HOAs. They know we are all owners (not investors in a building) who volunteer our time to be on the HOA Board and need professional/non-BS advise."

Jorge A. Sedaño
February 17, 2020

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